Kabul: 5 killed, 3 injured in Taliban airstrikes, medical sources


Fighting is still going on in Panjshir between the Taliban and Ahmad Massoud’s supporters, but the Taliban opened fire in Kabul last night to celebrate the capture of the province, killing five people and wounding five others, sources said.

Maulvi Mohammad Yaqub, the head of the Taliban’s military wing, also expressed displeasure at the shootings and made it clear to the governors and police chiefs of all provinces that if there was another airstrike in any province, the officials would be responsible.

Last night, there were rumors that the Taliban had taken control of Panjshir province and in celebration of this, the Taliban had fired heavily in the air in Kabul and other provinces.

At least four people were killed and seven others were injured in the airstrikes, Shamshad TV claimed on Twitter, citing health sources.

Earlier, on the night of August 8, when US troops were due to withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban fired shots in the air in Kabul and other provinces.


But now Maulvi Mohammad Yaqub, the head of their military wing, has strongly condemned the Taliban’s firing in Mashoton on Friday and in a statement ordered all provincial governors and police chiefs to stop airstrikes in the future.

Mawlawi Mohammad Yaqub wrote on the Twitter page of the Afghan National Radio:

He called on the authorities to keep a close watch on all agencies and “mujahideen” to ensure that no one is armed.

On Friday, some Taliban officials and the Pakistani media claimed that Panjshir province had fallen into the hands of the Taliban, but Ahmad Masood, the leader of the opposition in Panjshir, and Amrullah Saleh, the vice president in Ashraf Ghani’s government, denied the allegations. There is strong resistance ahead.

The Taliban now control almost all of Afghanistan except Panjshir, but two weeks after the capture of Kabul, they have not yet been able to declare their government in Afghanistan.


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