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Playing is one of the best ways to reduce stress and enjoy your leisure time.  So, we’ve got you back with another fun app, which you can easily play and enjoy.  Super Peru Mike Epic is one of the newest game platforms that makes a simple but addictive game.

There are many games on the Internet that users can play on different devices. There are many tools that you can use as a game tool.  But Android devices are very popular in the market, which has many users around the world.

What is Super Peru Mike Epic?

Super Peru Mike Epic is a comfortable Android game that provides users with a simple and easy game. You must guide the microphone to the top of the map using the controls and prevent it from being hit by enemies.  Start the game here and enjoy it to the fullest.

There are many games on the internet that you can play.  But most existing games require excellent game skills. Therefore, people do not like this kind of competitive games. For this reason, we are here to make it interesting for you.

With Super Peru Mike, you do not need game skills. If you want to enjoy your short vacation, here you can have it all. This platform offers many services, which you can easily access and enjoy.

This game offers free services of the game, but the international version is not currently available on the Internet. But you can get here quickly and enjoy it.  There are many features for players that you can explore and enjoy here.

You do not need to go through the registration process. So, start the game without any restrictions here and enjoy your free time.  The gameplay is very simple and easy for users where you have to control the microphone.


There are three different worlds you can play in.In each world, you will encounter different enemies who want to kill you. Therefore, you must go upstairs and avoid interacting with enemies.

There is also another option through which you can easily drag them. Use diamonds to beat enemies, through which you can easily kill them. So, you can also attack them, but you have to shoot in the right direction.

The controls depend on your device, which you can move left and right.  You will receive various steps in which you need to code and go to the next step.  But if you miss the stage, you fall and lose the game.

So, control the microphone and follow the steps.  Great graphics that bring you a great gaming experience.  The platform also offers a board, where you can find lots of players from all over the world.

Therefore, you can get higher rankings to get the best position on the board.  There are many features for players that you can discover.  So, if you are interested in accessing all these services, download Super Peru Mike Games on your Android device.


Super Perro Mike apk

   Main features

  •    Free download and playback
  •    Awesome relaxing game
  •    Simple and easy game
  •    Control with a slope
  •    User-friendly interface
  •    Only support Spanish
  •    Many maps
  •    High quality screen
  •    Does not support third party ads
  •    many more

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